Shanghai debing Industrial Control Equitpment Co., ltd. is a high-tech industrial automation control enterprises,specializing in the electronic products of import machine.We are incorporated with scientific research,industry and trading,and approved by the bureau of industry and commerce of Shanghai,the internal revenue service,Shanghai customs and state administration of foreign exchange,self-managed import and export right,base on Shanghai,global radiation.Providing manufacturing process automation,design,installation,debugging,non-standard PLC control cabinet,frequency conversion cabinet processing,on-site technical service and automatic project transformation.We also agent import automative products,such as encoder,barrier,sensor,coupling,motor,reducer,cylinder,solenoid valve,valve positioner,
PLC,converter and etc.

     We have many years of cooperation with international brands,and have long-term partners in Germany,the us and Italy.To meet the customer's different needs,we introduced the  foreign advanced technology,and the automative products widely used in packaging machiney,metallurgical machinery,chemical machinery,machine tools,elevators,textile,tabacco,printing,paper making,lifting,steel,electricity and other industries.

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